Personalizing Customer Journey Through Mobile App

Personalizing Customer Journey Through Mobile App

In a bid to reach users in the mobile moment, it is highly imperative to think of the customer journey as a lifecycle defined by various user touch-points.

It is important for firms to implement mobile customer journey mapping in order to effectively understand the customer’s experience, feelings, reason, and motivations for interacting with your brand. Tracking and mapping the customer journey facilitates businesses meet their customer’s expectations. A thorough mobile app framework can substantially illustrate the customer experience and notifies areas for improvement.

Brand Stories



Nike has done this exceptionally well. The latest version of the Nike+ app recommends products on the basis of their previous preferences. This makes it amazingly easy and interesting for the customers to see and discover new items they are likely to like. This also goes as a massive win for Nike, as it smartly eliminates bulk of the research process for customers during the buying the process.



Burger King came with a magnificent marketing campaign to geographically combat their biggest arch rival, McDonalds. Capitalizing on a few standard tools merely at their disposal- their newly launched app, geographical data, and a promotional price of $0.01 for a Whopper (if you are within 600 feet of a McDonald’s). This strategy became a tremendous success, and were able to drive well over 1 million downloads when their app re-launched.



One of the mega café chains in the world redesigned its mobile app to ensure more emphasis on customization, highlighting the effectiveness of the trend. Starbucks’ app uses the bundle of information it already has to craft special offers. Starbucks loyalty program also became a huge success thanks to its app.

Why Mobile Apps Are Key for Customer Experience

In the modern era, where mobile apps have taken over our world, following are the top reasons why they are integral for an enhanced customer experience.

Building Brand Loyalty

There is no denying the fact that when users are given extra importance; they love to visit again at the same outlet. This crucially reflects on the ROI factor, and it also implicates that you are not just investing in them but also know them personally.

This is where the role of mobile apps creeps in. App customization lets vendors know the purchase pattern of their clients by collecting vast amount of data from various channels to create an amazing personalized profile.

It makes it extremely easy for the organization to cater their precious customers; they can send offers and notifications directly via app. As a firm, you can quickly know whether or not the offer appeals to the client.

User Retention

The role of subscriptions has been on a rise. It is a good perimeter to judge your users. If your mobile app works on a subscription basis, then it becomes an absolute must to retain app users.

It is important to understand that retaining not only means keeping the customers, holding them with no reason, or just engaging them with attractive images. It is also about expelling the hindrances in the renewal procedure.

When these applications are especially tailored in the manner of a user’s behavior patterns and subscription status, then it considerably helps you in nibbling users who are more certain to drop off.

This is the mere reason why mobile app developers are quite keen to alter the apps to attract user traffic and to make them favorable for users, so they can enjoy the fascinating app features easily.

Custom Marketing Campaigns

Running specifically crafted marketing campaigns is the need of the hour in the modern day of digitization. Customized marketing campaigns drive customers back to your app by broadcasting their interests. The most essential segment of custom campaign is to aim similar groups of users who have common attributes.

Better Engagement

We are living in an era where everyone is looking for instant gratification, and customers’ expectations have intimated it. The chapter of customer experience is of paramount importance for the firms. A smooth customer experience is only possible through smart real time engagement that spans touch points and multistage journeys.

Companies have worked out various ways through which mobile app development companies can personalize customer journey. They only need to absorb new technologies like AI, IoT, etc. to keep up with the impregnation of touch points.

Boost Sales

For any business, the most disappointing part is when the customers leave shopping carts mid-way without making payment. This is perhaps the most common conversion problem observed in e-Commerce mobile apps.

Successful marketers counter this by sending push notification to all users to motivate them checking out, as not all of them have items in the cart. The data based on user behavior, they narrow down the segment of users which has to be targeted. This kind of data also plays a pivotal role determining the kind of product and content customers like the most.

The Bottom Line

Technology is the integral reason behind personalization at scale for companies of all sizes. The moment they achieve their predefined goals, they come up with a fruitful relationship with customers, and the ability to showcase a frictionless customer experience. The rampant use of mobile apps to cater the dynamic needs to customers has proven to be gold-dust.

Personalizing mobile experience demands movement and strategies on different fonts. You need to be constantly overlooking what competitors are doing. Track your own users’ engagement, and get creative. The key is planning app personalization with the user in mind, this will help your users realize the most amazing experience and bring them back to app.

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