Brilliant App Ideas For Startups In 2019

Brilliant App Ideas For Startups In 2019

In the present world, it is quite tough to create and maintain a noticeable global presence. It is a major fact that prevailing digital setup is app-focused, as 90% of mobile time is spent using mobile apps.

Mobility has now become a decisive indicator; it has become synonym of growth. The businesses which lack intention to build more apps have a very sleek chance of growth in the future. A strongly dedicated mobile application is easier to use and navigate, and it looks much better than a mobile website.

There are nearly 3.2 million apps on Google Play Store and 2.2 million apps are on Apple App Store. By 2020, mobile apps are estimated to generate $188.9 billion in revenues, thanks chiefly to app stores and in-app marketing.

App Development process starts with the inception of a great idea. What the app can offer, and the features it offers are some of the questions that comes to every entrepreneur’s mind. However, this process of coming up with an excellent idea isn’t as easy as it may sound.

Top App Ideas for Startups In 2019

Here are some of the great app ideas that can be fruitful in 2019.

Health Related App

The overall global health has gone down. So many people go to doctors for health checkups. In order to make this appointment schedule smooth, you may need an app that can take care of scheduling.

Health inspector can be one of the best health app that will save the doctor’s name and timing. A constant reminder can be sent as you will come close to the date of appointment.

Exchanging Goods

This sort of app can facilitate users to exchange various goods. A user can search offers, and then make a match of the offerings in a bid to make good working relationship. It may work as extra mobile phone.

This idea can really work wonders, as people are quite prone towards e-commerce, and this can be easily done in the presence of an efficient app.

Book Reviews App

Many people love to read. There is a growing trend of people who look for reviews, before they purchase a book.

Imagine an app with which you can take a snap of a book that interests you, and then quickly it can pop-up the feedback of the readers. The data can be easily extracted from Amazon, Goodreads, and other similar and relevant platforms.

App for Gifts

In the busy life, you don’t get time to buy a present for someone special for you. An app that has various options for gift items can indeed turn out to be amazing.

Online ordering of gifts can be extremely helpful for the masses, and can be a good boost as far as ecommerce is concerned.

Disaster Alert App

This sort of app can store information about the climate change of various places in the world. Once you turn on your location, this app can notify you if you are at a place that has recently witnessed a climate change, or about to experience it.

This app can automatically alert you in case of a natural disaster and will quickly update you in giving suggestions about the possible safety measures to be undergone.

Song Searcher

Music is the color of life. People listen to music and have a great deal of connection with them. It is a norm and been observed many times that when we hear a particular tone, we tend to like it. The next thing we do is to search the song with the intention of downloading it.

This is where the utility of this app comes into play. The app can gauge the tone and search the song for the user.

Language Learner

Many people have a thing for languages. They like to explore, learn, and memorize it. The language learner app aids users with some beginning and standard lessons on various languages.

To build interest of the user, the app can have different levels of difficulty with the first level consisting of basic alphabets and common sentences. A voice feature can also be added to enhance interest of the user.

Virtual Study

Students around the world love interacting with their peers. They like to meet up on a common forum to exchange their notes, and prepare for their exams.

This kind of platform plays a pivotal role in augmenting the skill levels of students. The app can also provide valuable tips and notes for the users to improve their preparations.

Photo Cleaner

Nowadays smart-phones come with high resolution of cameras. The love of taking pictures is on rapid rise as well. In this pursuit you tend to click on hundreds of redundant pictures.

An app like this can be used to select the best pictures on a daily basis. It can also be used to delete the duplicate pictures and clean up large chunk of memory. This can be a wonderful idea for startups to invest and make this a hit app.

Wrapping Up

The businesses who have centered themselves on mobile app are booming like never before. This is without a doubt the era of application. The market of mobile phone users is humungous. The ultimate thing is to come up with reliable data, so that the idea of building an app can be materialized.

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