Benefits of Turning Your Website into a Mobile App

Benefits of Turning Your Website into a Mobile App

There is a famous quote by an unknown person, “There is only one constant is this world and that is, change.” We think there is no one who can challenge the credibility of the quote as the world keeps changing. From your birth till today, you must have gone through many changes in your life, in every field and more specifically, how business is done.

Let’s only talk about the visible drastic changes which have occurred in the ways of doing business. First, there was an era of scattered shops; then came the shopping malls, and now eCommerce has taken the world of business by storm. According to a survey by Statista, 1.8 billion users shop online and the projection shows a continuous growth in this number in the future as well.

Let’s go deeper and look at the changes occurring in the channels or mediums used for online business. The websites and social media platforms are, indeed, crucial channels but you can’t ignore the rising trend of mobile applications which have proven their worth and help reach out to the target audience in an efficient manner. As per a study conducted by Pew Research Center, more than 80-90% adults use the smartphones in advanced countries like South Korea, Israel, the Netherlands, UK, USA, Australia, Spain, etc.

This, heavy penetration of smartphone in all major countries, might have already convinced you to go for a mobile app. Let’s go further and discuss some of the benefits of turning your website into a mobile app:

Customers are more connected

Imagine yourself as a customer, how would you feel more connected with the brand? Via a website, Facebook or an app installed on your mobile which you can access anytime? Of course, mobile apps have the ability to allow a customer to be more connected with your business. In addition to that, a mobile application also has the ability to become a personalized app for the customer who uses it whenever he/she requires certain services.

It is easier to make your clients accessible on a mobile app than any other online channel. Your clients can access the mobile app any time and check for the latest promotions and new arrivals, and this is exactly what you want. Over a website and amongst hundreds of social media pages, your client tends to miss out on the important messages you want to convey to them; but on a mobile app, the possibility on missing out is very rare!

Mobile App-Based Business

If we say, you may not require a website and social media accounts to run your business; how does it sound? You must be astonished to listen to that but it is possible. Some businesses are completely based on mobile apps only. They may have websites and social media accounts but just for passing on information to their customers.

As mentioned in an article published on Appiskey, Uber is one of the most popular apps in the world and their business is completely based on the mobile app. Uber is a listed company in the stock exchange and they have a whopping number of 800 million users in 70 countries across the world — you can run a super huge business on just a mobile app! Uber provides on-demand cab service to its consumers by connecting Google Map to its platform. You can also think on the same lines to run your business only on a mobile app.

Personalized Content

How does it feel when you come across the content instantly you have been looking for? Certainly, it feels awesome and others also feel the same way. Mobile apps allow you to offer personalized content to your customers according to their location, language, culture, search behavior, likes and dislikes. The users love to see what they want to see. So, you may also start to show your customers what they are looking for. Your customers can set up the preferences for the content right at the stage of installation. The app will follow their instructions and use the recommendations and filters to show only what they want.

Roll on Customer-Loyalty Scheme

You may be right to ask about how you would persuade a customer to install your app in and stay connected with you for good. When it comes to a mobile app, the competition gets tougher as compared to subscribing to websites and liking/following social media pages. Smartphones, usually, have limited storage capacity and users only install what they like the most. Let’s roll on a Customer-Loyalty Scheme or Rewards Program for the customers who install your app and do business with you regularly. You can also digitize and automate the complete process of collecting the record on a mobile app.

Higher Productivity with Cost-savings

Mobile apps connect your entire business network at one place; be it customers, employees, vendors, logistics management, so and so forth. Being on a single platform improves productivity and allows prompt communication among all the departments for quick delivery of services to customers. Therefore, you may say a mobile app is an efficient medium of doing the business where the hassle of going through multiple tools of communication is no longer required. When you cut down the unnecessary mediators between your customers and the final delivery, you are not only ensuring higher productivity by quick communication, but you are also saving costs on many management tools you may have required on other online channels of doing business.

After going through the above arguments in favor of turning your business into a mobile app, we can conclude that mobile apps are indeed necessary and contemporary. A mobile app offers a complete range of facilities and strategies to manage your business from all the aspects and holds long future prospects for value addition.

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