The world is changing at breakneck speeds and things that we are well accustomed to are fast experiencing a 360-degree overhaul. Instagram Consultant is now a proper job and one that is immensely well-paid – which goes on to show that to ace it, we need to face it before it’s too late.
Success is a relative term, what worked earlier might not be of value just a year later, which brings us to Apps, one of the most, if not the most powerful business phenomenon in the past decade. Apps started slowly but they caught on fast and are now dominating the global market. The number of people who will possess a mobile phone is predicted to touch 4.77 billion in 2017, with no signs of slowing down. This signals what we call the “App Age”.
But how will Google respond to this change? Will it change its metrics for SEO on mobile? Will it render desktop SEO to become obsolete? Well, the answers to these questions have just been answered by Google. It has just introduced its “Mobile First Index” with plans to fully invigorate the system in the very near future.

But what is the Mobile First Index Anyway?

Well, for starters, first we need to understand that Google “Indexes” the website that appear in its rankings, which means that it’s bots “crawl” all the pages of a website and read all the links from and back to the site, to give a specific rank to that very site on its search engine results. This technology is supposed to mimic a real user to optimize the results and benefit the public which comes onto Google every day.
But all of this happens within a desktop perspective, which means that those bots index your sites by mimicking a user on a desktop. Things will change with the Mobile First Index and make Google’s bots mimic a mobile user instead.

What Type of Change are we talking about in terms of User Experience?

The user experience will go under a radical change with Google’s Mobile First Index as the change between the same site, when viewed from a desktop and when viewed from an app, will become increasingly prominent and end up altering the Search engine rankings as well.

User experience will now transform into Mobile User Experience and now Google’s indexing system will start working on Mobile parameters like how responsive is a site when viewed from a mobile or how much time does it take to load a particular site on mobile? With the bad ones going down in the rankings and the mobile friendly, experiencing a
soar to the pinnacle.

Why is this change taking place?

Because it has become necessary! Mobile users are now a far bigger category than desktop users and the numbers of searches that turn up on Google each day are dominated by mobile users to a high extent. This change has been necessitated by the proliferation of mobiles and the increasing adoption of apps by people all over the globe.

How do apps fit in this scenario?

Well because Apps are indispensable to mobile users as they are a further optimization of experience which is a hallmark of mobile phones. Apps make everything not only easier but also provide ways to gain a heightened personalized experience and amass a large amount of data beneficial to everyone involved.
With the Mobile First Index introduction by Google, those who don’t have a mobile-friendly site are going to suffer big time as Google will not rank them as high as it did when it used Desktop Indexing patterns. App users are now going to dominate, while apps will follow suit and become increasingly powerful.
The next year and the ones beyond that will see a surge in the earnings of app development companies as business owners queue up to get a customized app made for them and be successful in what they do. Validated, credible and high on the cash quotient, apps are going to not just dominate, but overpower everything else in the business world to follow in their footsteps.

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