How To Choose The Right Framework For Mobile App

How To Choose The Right Framework For Mobile App

In the modern era of digitization, many enterprises are making drastic alterations in their business processes by switching to the rigorous use of mobile applications. These applications pave great ways to reach target audiences faster and easier.

However, there is a great deal of competitiveness in the mobile app industry where choosing the correct framework, platform, and development process are of paramount importance.

Since the framework is the foundation of your future application, making an efficient and correct choice is of substantial importance. A framework is not necessarily a narrow specialized programming solution, but rather it is also able to deal and manage a wide range of issues pertaining to the execution of app.

With almost 7 billion mobile users in the world, it is not at all surprising that more than 50% of the searches carried out on Google were done via mobile phones. This makes it extremely important for the firms to have a solid presence on mobiles for the sake of reaching out to a wider base of prospects.

The iOS, Windows and Android platforms are the key platforms used for the development of mobile app. The big chunks of mobile app development are based on these mighty platforms.

How to Pick the Right Framework for Mobile App

The process of developing any high-end mobile application is quite a tricky task. However, with the right mobile app development tools and framework, developers can smoothly perform this task. An ideal framework is known to be a sophisticated piece of software, if it includes some sub components which professionally assist in any mobile app development any developer may wish to have.

There are endless sub components used in this form of work which mainly includes debuggers, programming interface, tool sets, and code libraries etc.

The Key here is to understand the delicate difference between Native Cross and Hybrid Platform app development.

  • A Hybrid Platform is a set of configuration, development, and build tools that allow some standard web technologies. This chiefly includes JavaScript and HTML5 along with CSS3. These are mere technologies that are packaged on the mobile phone devices. These crucial assets are then uploaded to the app store to make sure the user utilizes them.
  • A Native Cross Platform is pretty much similar to the Hybrid approach. Although, it cuts CSS and HTML from a given scenario which facilitates the packaging to be done pointing to the operating system of the mobile.

Hybrid mobile app frameworks are a good starting point but you need to be street smart in picking carefully as they are many factors you need to consider. A crystal clear understanding of the application is vital in this regard.

Factors to Consider In Making an Accurate Choice

There are numerous factors worth considering before you eventually make the choice of selecting the prolific platform for the mobile app development. Following are some of the relevant ones:

Feature Support

It is no rocket science that every device supports particular features in its operating system. It is highly significant for you to do thorough evaluation of these features and see how it fits with your set of requirements. A mistake in this phase can indeed turn out to be costly, which makes this segment a tricky one.

Risk Levels Associated With the Framework

This is the mega consideration for majority of the mobile app developers across the globe. The correct understanding of the various kinds of risks linked with the framework is vital. Shopping out of the appropriate or supported (officially) structures induces and injects some sense of risks in any gadget.

You will not be able to find a framework with zero risk; however, you can do your part of the mitigation. You shall invariably put some layers of abstraction between running code and the intended platform.

Efficiency & Speed Considerations

After risk, the other crucial aspect to ponder thought over is related to the efficiency and speed of the framework. Many consider this the primary thing to think of whenever you create an application.

Normally, the swiftest execution will mostly initiate from the typical native apps in any IOS or Android. It is worth mentioning that the difference in speed is essential for the bulk of the apps. Today, people look for quick resolution of their queries, and hence the importance of speed has reached a new level.

Scope of Navigation

Customers don’t like the hassle of moving from one place to another while using mobile application or any internet gadget. The navigation element scores big in the current setup of digital world. People regard this factor relevant when they are in the mode of choosing the right framework for mobile app.

Navigation in the app needs to be appropriate. There is no point in using non-logical navigation, particularly in apps that aren’t entertainment based only. The most essential facet of navigation is, that it must always be intuitive.

Total Cost of Development

The last, but by no means the least the aspect of cost is significant. Developers keep a constant eye on the cost being incurred through the different sections of development.

The cost of app development is mainly based on the variables like features, complexity, and platform. It also depends largely on the target audience, variable set of audience expect different apps; which has a definite impact on the amount borne.

It is crucial to assess and comprehend the nature of costs you may bear in developing a single app with any resources available.

Wrapping Up

Without a shadow of doubt, frameworks are the most key aspects of mobile app development. There is no silver bullet when it comes to mobile app architectures. Its (framework) usage greatly simplifies the entire process of development. Instead of writing an application from scratch and managing large portions of code for the sake of making the application work on more platforms — use a framework.

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