Market Your Mobile App with these Creative Techniques

Market Your Mobile App with these Creative Techniques

Once you have completed developing your app, it is time to release it for the world to use. But if you fail to market your app properly, people may not be aware of your app’s existence.

To prevent this, effectively marketing your app is not enough; timing plays a vital role in the success of your app.

Without wasting any time, let’s take a look at some creative techniques to market your app that will allow you to reach new heights like never before.

Update Your App More Often

It is of the utmost importance for you to bring updates for your app frequently. The greater the number of updates, the more apparent it will be for your customers that you care for them.

The idea here is to show your customers that you offer the best experience possible.

Offering regular updates for the sake of it is not going to do you any favors. What is important is that you keep your app fresh with new features and offerings to keep your customers coming back for more.

Use Social Media

When it comes to using social media to promote your app, do it wisely.

Copy and pasting links on all social media platforms does not do the trick. You need to engage with your audience, and keep them interested while you are at it.

Intrigue and tease your audience. Create a page and regularly update posts on it to make sure you pop up on their news feed. Remember to be creative and look for ideas online and put your own twist on them.

Find Influencers

The marketing landscape is not what it used to be before. Today, it is all about what is trending on social media. It is all about those “phenomenon’s” that were born on the internet, which now play a vital role for marketing.

Find influencers that operate in your industry. Get them to talk about your app, but be very clear about what you want from them.

Don’t start working with any influencer you come across — do your research to make sure this strategy does not backfire. The last thing you need is to get an influencer who knows little about the industry you are a part of, and knows even lesser about your business. Most preferably, look for influencers who are a fan of your product or service. This way when they discuss your app, they will not make it seem promotional, but will sound as natural as possible.

Develop a mutually beneficial relationship with influencers, as they serve as long term investments to promote your app.

Comment on Blogs

A great way to promote your app is by commenting on blogs. Something this simple really does wonders for your app in the long run.

In order for this to work, you must comment on blogs with user profiles that match with your target audience. To boost awareness, you can add your website or app link, but do not overdo it though. Only add links where necessary.

By commenting on blogs, your app and website benefit from organic growth. It not only increases brand visibility but increases customers as well.

Apply for Awards

To increase app users, you should definitely apply for as many awards as possible. When users see how many awards your app has acquired, they will feel safe and comfortable using it. They just might even recommend it to their friends and family too!

By applying for awards, you obtain plenty of links, reviews and downloads. The only way you get awards you apply for is by ensuring your app is top notch.

Some award sites you can check out are as follows:

  • OZApp
  • Appy Awards
  • Apple Design Awards
  • Best Mobile Awards
  • Best App Ever Awards

Get App Reviews

Apart from the big blogs, you will come across plenty of review sites that will be more than happy to review your app for you. Big or small, get as many reviews as possible. The greater the number of positive reviews, the better the chances of Google recognizing your app as being trustworthy and reliable. In fact, it just may rank your app higher for SEO keywords you are targeting.

Dig for as many review sites as you can. Remember though, despite the fact you want the world to know about your app and how wonderful it is, you need to stay relevant at all times.

Make a Viral Video

Viral videos are a popular way to get the world to know about your app. It is an inexpensive way to promote you app, but it needs to be executed correctly.

Viral videos do work, provided that:

  • You promote your brand well
  • The video needs to make viewers feel good about your company if you want them to download and use your app.

  • You evoke emotion
  • The most successful viral videos are those that make viewers feel angry, happy or sad. Your video will not turn any heads if it does not get the much needed emotional investment from viewers.

  • You have a clear call to action
  • To get people to visit the Apple App Store or Google Play to download your app, you will need to be crystal clear about it. Your viral video should not be subtle about its actual goal, which is to get users to download your app.

    These are just a couple of creative ways you can market your app, and it should give you an idea as to what you should be doing to get those downloads racking up.

    An app launch does not need to be extravagant. A simple yet effective strategy is all what it takes to target your audience and get them to download your app. If you are successful, your app will draw media attention, which in itself will further promote your app.

    To improve your chances of success, make sure you offer an incentive for users to download your app and to use it regularly. This way you can attract and retain users, thus increasing your app’s ROI in the process.

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