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Safe Space Health took the initiative to provide a benevolent environment to the health care professional where they can open up about themselves and share their experiences with their peer community. The main incentive was to endow the wellbeing of the health care community where they could speak about their distress, feelings, thoughts, and ideas to attain a sense of personal fulfillment. Safe Space Health lets the participants contribute to the community in an anonymous and non-hierarchal manner to ensure a completely non-judgmental and compassionate safe space for all.

The application also combines the practices of resourceful learning and reflective practices by granting healthcare organizations and institutions a dedicated workspace. This way, they can keep customized access to their members and share with them contextualized and anonymized data.

Safe Space Health application is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

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The Client


Our client, Khurram Jehangir (Executive Founder, SSH) and Nathalie Martine (Co-founder SSH), conceived the idea of this application. Their core intent was to establish a safe social media platform for healthcare professionals where they can share their day-to-day challenges, aspiring thoughts, personal problems and feeling, all without disclosing their identity in a non-judgmental peer-based community. The application is first of its kind, which is meant for healthcare professionals.

The Gap


After the advent of digital evolution, hundreds of small and highly popular social media platforms became the part and parcel of human society. Just like other communication apps, several social media tools for the health care industry also evolved to ensure better interaction between doctors and patients to give instant solutions to more and more health issues and build a lasting relationship, irrespective of one’s physical presence and long distances.

But having achieved much in the field of health care, there remains one largely untapped area, i.e. the wellbeing of Doctors themselves. In this day and age of high-velocity work commute and daily workspace challenges, every other healthcare professional faces physical and emotional upheavals. On top of that, gauging constantly the personal vulnerabilities could result in traumatic impacts on his quality of life and personal wellbeing.

Health care workers face a wide range of psychosocial stressors which is why they are at a high risk of developing burnout, emotional exhaustion, interpersonal disengagement, and a low sense of personal accomplishment. Therefore, it was much needed to fill-up this void with a comforting and secure environment for the healthcare community where they can share their problems and challenges anonymously with their like-minded community.

The Solution


Safe Space Health application came-up with an acute solution to address every possible need of a healthcare worker’s wellbeing. It lets the users post photos, videos and written descriptions of complete having to disclose their identity. It also enables them to create their customized community and share their own stories and polls with them. Users also receive messages from moderators, which boosts their personal moral and give them the nurturing sense of being a part of a family.

Each member can also regulate the flow of information being shared in the application by reporting posts directly to the admin support.

All the shared content is being moderated through the admin panel with continuously available support of trained Safe Space Health Wellbeing Facilitators.



It is, nevertheless, the same smartphone-adapted software interface model. UI design is generally a mobile design subdomain. Design is now a dominant market for smartphones, and unlike laptops and computers, we use our hands instead of a mouse.

Appiskey met several challenges while developing this application:

  • Handling the scope change
  • Application live before the schedule as requested by the Client
  • Dealing With Customer Psychology

Apart from the above, another challenge faced by Appiskey was to make sure that the application performed optimally and smoothly.

The Result


People see Safe Space Health as a place to heal the healers. A worldwide health care professional’s community that values their achievements, fosters their interpersonal skills of patience, dedication, and compassion and reminds them of the community which regards their profession in high esteem.

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