Genset Monitoring System

Enabling full-scale digitization of generator sets, which contributes to the reduction
of both fuel consumption and operational downtime.


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Optimizing Fuel Efficiency Through

IoT-Enabled Genset Monitoring System

The Appiskey Smart Genset Monitoring Solutions offers a cost-effective remedy tailored for OEMs, educational institutions, retail chains, residential clusters, and commercial edifices. Utilizing state-of-the-art 4G-connected telemetry apparatus, our genset monitoring system employs advanced edge algorithms to compute energy consumption and fuel utilization, potentially resulting in up to 30% reduction in operational costs.

Our incredible IoT-based Genset system seamlessly integrates with an array of components, encompassing fuel sensing mechanisms, energy measurement devices, control consoles, regulatory instruments, and various supplementary sensors. The versatile and fortified cloud-based application grants users the authority to supervise an extensive array of diesel-powered generators through a singular interface. Comprehensive insights concerning operational effectiveness, timely notifications regarding fuel misappropriation, compromised generator units, instances of tampering, and a diverse spectrum of other functionalities are effortlessly accessible via Appiskey’s IoT-based Genset system.

Unlock a Range of Advantages
Through the Genset Monitoring System

Explore how every element of our IoT-based Genset system plays a pivotal role in reshaping your business.

Maintenance Workflow Integration

Seamlessly integrate maintenance tasks for optimized operational efficiency.

Alert Escalation

Ensure timely response with automated alert escalation for critical situations.

Load Balancing

Achieve optimal resource utilization through intelligent load balancing.

Consumption Analysis

Gain insights into energy usage patterns to enhance efficiency.

Emission Monitoring

Continuously track emissions to meet environmental standards.


Implement location-based restrictions for enhanced security and control.

Firmware Updates

Keep systems up-to-date with hassle-free remote firmware updates..

Reports and Analytics

Access comprehensive usage reports and valuable analytics for informed decisions.

Predictive Analysis

Utilize predictive insights to prevent downtime and improve performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a genset monitoring system and how does it work?

A genset monitoring system consists of a complex technological framework responsible for remotely tracking and managing generator performance. This particular system gathers real-time data on performance metrics including power output, fuel consumption, and operational status. And then transmits this information via to a central platform where users can monitor, analyze, and control their generators from virtually anywhere.

What sets Appiskey’s IoT-powered Genset Monitoring System apart?

The Genset Monitoring System curated by Appiskey packs an array of benefits such as real-time performance insights, predictive maintenance for minimized downtime, remote control capabilities, enhanced fuel efficiency, compliance with environmental regulations,

What kind of alerts and notifications does Appiskey’s Genset Monitoring System provide?

Appiskey’s IoT-powered Genset Monitoring System leverages customizable alerts and notifications, including alerts for critical issues, maintenance reminders, fuel level alerts, power outages, and various others.

Is the data collected by Appiskey’s Genset Monitoring System secure & compliant with privacy regulations?

Appiskey’s subject-matter experts employ robust encryption protocols and industry-standard security practices to ensure the protection of all collected data.

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