Revolutionizing Fuel Delivery to Keep Construction Fleets Runnin’

Our Innovative Journey from Concept to Launch

Appiskey partnered with a client from the petroleum industry to create an IoT-powered Fuel Dispensing System that would take the fuel to remote construction sites in Florida. Our partner had a vision of taking away the agony experienced by construction sights of sending their crew in search of fuel.
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Our Client Wanted Us to Create a Solution For Construction Sites To Remain Efficient

For construction companies to remain competitive, meeting deadlines and avoiding downtimes are the key focal points.

Since there’s always the involvement of heavy equipment, the need for fuel in construction sites never really subsides. Therefore, to keep the construction crew and their vehicles running, our client’s solution was the answer.

Our client had an idea for an onsite fuel dispensing system that could deliver fuel to worksites, enabling construction crews to keep their fleet supercharged and their progress unhindered.

The platform built by us worked on IoT-based meters that could accurately estimate current and future fuel consumption to preemptively suggest the upcoming top-up. This certainly led to minimal fuel wastage and zero disruptions in construction site operations.



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Challenges That Steered Us Forward

While working with our client from the petroleum & energy industry, coming up with solutions to deliver fuel to the worksite may not have pushed us over the edge, but managing the fuel remotely with IoT-based automation for minimal wastage was the real challenge.

Since fuel pumps have viscosity sensors - a system that monitors the viscosity of the liquid fuel. Therefore, our team had to build IoT-powered sensors so they could measure fuel viscosity with accuracy and align those results with the pump almost instantaneously.

The idea seemed daunting and the pressure was intense.


Appiskey’s Light-Bulb Moment

Our partner wanted us to create a one-stop solution for construction sites looking to maintain unhindered efficiency. Thus, to create an all-encompassing construction site fueling system…

  • Our engineers took the reins and built hardware sensors that provided direct feedback to the main fuel dispensing system. This aided in less fuel wastage as sensors would continuously measure to what extent the throttle is opened or closed.
  • Then, to keep the fuel-injecting system running hindrance-free, our developers formulated remote debugging solutions that saved time and effort to take down the error, without having to physically be there.

What Our Clients Say

Our expertise in developing and marketing customized software solutions has produced tangible results for our clients, which includes an increase in lead generation, customer conversion and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Their scope of work is priced fairly, which makes them stand out compared to other developers

Eman Adoghee

Co-Founder, Giibox

You all have been really good to work with! Our hopes are at an all-time high. Cheers to GoGym app and Appiskey!



Gap Filled in the Industry

For construction sites, it’s often challenging to maintain operational efficiency due to heavy, pragmatic vehicles running out of fuel. Imagine the hassle of driving to far-off gas stations these vehicles might’ve had to endure if it wasn’t for the solution built by us.

Thus, our experts at Appiskey developed a fully automated, IoT-backed Fuel Dispensing System for our client allowing remote construction sites in Florida to have top-quality fuel delivered, whenever the need surfaced.

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