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Simplified Pet Care

Our Innovative Journey From Concept To Launch


Our Partner Wanted An App For
Pet ‘Pawrents’ To Stay Perfectly Organized

Our client from the pet care industry came to us for an online dog service-care application where users could instantly book slots and get access to several amenities for their pets. Our team was presented with the challenge to curate an all-in-one boarding, training, daycare, specialty package, waterpark, grooming, and private party software for pet owners. Additionally, allowing them to seamlessly manage account memberships and reservations with ease.

Challenges That Steered Us Forward

The first challenge our team faced while constructing a pet care app relates to understanding the entire project. Since a very limited market offers similar pet services, gathering data, understanding industry requirements, and analyzing the demand became quite a task.

Secondly, before this project, the team had no previous experience creating an application focused on pet care. Therefore, meticulous analysis, extensive brainstorming, and a methodical approach were crucial at every stage to ensure comprehensive & innovative solutions.


Appiskey’s Light-Bulb Moment

Appiskey successfully managed to identify the need for an application associated with pet care. Thus, the team came up with the idea to design both iOS and Android versions for pet owners to manage scheduling, services, invoicing, communication, and other relevant activities, more efficiently.

The pet care optimization app offers a web-based solution, enabling its users to access data, purchase memberships, and book reservations at the double. Our app developers added comfort and flexibility to the platform so business owners and pet service providers can not only convert website leads into real-time clients, but also manage pet health records, track employees, and supervise progress.

Driving Tangible
Outcomes With The Power Of IoT

Appiskey’s 3-Dimensional Strategy For Data-Driven Transformation.




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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IoT? Why is it important?

IoT or the Internet of Things is a connection between physical objects and the Internet, where data is shared and collected without human intervention. With its automation feature, IoT makes it remarkably easy for businesses to manufacture, deliver and maintain transparency in basic routine operations. For businesses in pursuit of added efficiency, being IoT-first can help them attain an edge over their competitors.

What is an IoT solution?

An IoT solution comprises of multiple software components that leverage ‘big data’ collected via IoT devices. This utilized data ultimately leads to improved business processes and enhanced efficiency.

What do Appiskey’s IoT solutions include?

Appiskey’s IoT solutions are tailored to each business’s unique requirements. Our subject-matter experts utilize IoT to its potential to leverage the following solutions:

  • Genset Monitoring System
  • Mobile Fuel Management System
  • Reservoir Monitoring System
  • Video Surveillance Management System
  • Fleet Monitoring System
  • Asset Management System
What are some common IoT applications?

The application of IoT varies depending on each industry. However, the most commonly applied IoT solutions across most businesses are:

  • Self-connected vehicles
  • Asset management
  • Fleet management
  • Environmental monitoring
Does Appiskey offer IoT solutions?

Absolutely. Appiskey offers fully tailored IoT solutions for businesses across industries. If you’re a business owner looking to gain a competitive advantage through meaningful big-data utilization, then our subject-matter experts are here to help. Fill out the form above to book a FREE consultation session, right now!


Mr Bashar Kiwan
Chairman - Al-Waseet International (AWI) Middle East

Appiskey has helped Al-Waseet International (AWI), one of the prominent names in the Middle East, to achieve its goals.


Eman Adoghee
Co-Founder, Giibox

Their scope of work is priced fairly, which makes them stand out compared to other developers.




You all have been really good to work with! Our hopes are at an all-time high. Cheers to GoGym app and Appiskey!


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